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Mumps virus

Microbiology > Virology > RNA viruses > Single Stranded RNA viruses > Paramyxovirus
Name: Paramyxoviridae Rubulavirus
o   Enveloped, helical, single-stranded, non-segmented, negative sense RNA virus
o   Transmitted by respiratory droplets, it attaches and invades upper respiratory tract epithelium via viral hemagglutinin (HA) envelop proteins which leads to viremia.
§  Incubation: 2-3 week period
§  Infects glandular tissue (parotid gland, testes)
·         Inflammatory infiltration and edema leads to painful enlargement of glands
§  If the virus spreads to meninges, it can lead to aseptic meningitis.
§  Virulence factors:
·         HA (binds sialic acid/cleaves sialic acid interaction)
·         M-protein (involved in envelope assembly)
·         Fusion (F) protein (causes infected cells to fuse)
o   Common to all Paramyxoviridae, cause infected cells to form multinucleate giant cells.
o   Worldwide. Outbreaks are seasonal with a winter/spring peak. Spread by direct contact, droplets, or fomites, and has a 2-3 week incubation.
o   Symptoms
o   Detection of virus in saliva, urine, CSF and serum
o   Serology (RT-PCR assays)
Disease manifestations:
o   Parotitis asymmetric orchitis (sometimes can effect both testes leading to sterility) pancreatitis, aseptic meningitis. Other symptoms include fever, headache, and malaise
Differential diagnosis:
·         Aseptic meningitis is most commonly caused by coxsackievirus, echovirus and mumps virus
§  Supportive care including: analgesics, compression of parotids
§  Patients gain lifelong immunity after one infection.
Prevention and control:
§  Live-attenuated rubella virus in MMR vaccine
·         MMR vaccine is the only live vaccine that can be given to HIV positive individuals.
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